Shellee Coley's Musical Meditations, One at a Time

Led by her rich and dusky alto, Shellee Coley's songs effortlessly blend elements of folk, country, and pop into a seamless whole reminiscent of Amy Grant, Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith and Emmylou Harris. Yet it's always been her lyrical acumen that's held my attention.

Houston's Newest Acoustic Ingénue Is Mason Ashley

I have a place in my heart for the sad sweet songs that tend to come out of the young women who record at the Red Tree Recording Studio. I still hold Kathryn Hallberg up as one of the best acts to have ever graced Houston, and I continue to...

NMC Artist: Mason Ashley

Production: 8 Lyrics: 8 Music: 8 Vocals: 8 Musicianship: 8 SCORE: 8.0 Contact: Web: Seeking: Mgmt, Label, Booking, Film/TV Style: Americana At just 16, this Texas native crafts songs of innocence that, given the touch of studio experience, are affecting and ideal for Young Adult film/TV situations.

Lucky 13 with Mason Ashley

Writing well beyond her years, Mason Ashley puts pen to paper to masterfully craft lyrics that tell a timeless story, designs a melody that captures raw emotion, and then sings with an enchanting voice that lulls the listener to another time and place.

Watch Mason Ashley's "Paper Planes" Music Video

Trust us: you're about to get hooked on Mason Ashley 's music in just a few moments. is excited to premiere your very first look at the singer's new music video for her haunting track " Paper Planes." The song, which is inspired by a toxic relationship which she knew was bad for her, is off of her upcoming EP called .

#NewMusicMonday: Jacob's "Last Text," Vista's "Henchmen" + more! - GirlsLife

With Ed Sheeran's awesome new singles last week (and the news that his album will be out in March!) and some fresh music from some new and old faves this week, 2017 is already proving to be an awesome year for music. What are we listening to on this #NewMusicMonday?

Just Jared Jr.

Let's get to know Mason Ashley , shall we? We recently caught up with the up-and-coming singer, who just dropped her music video for "Paper Planes" off of her EP Strangers. "My music is very visual and metaphorical," Mason told JJJ. "I write very open and honestly about my life and experiences.

Mason Ashley Discusses Paper Planes and Strangers

Falling in love with music and writing at a very young age, singer/songwriter Mason Ashley drew from her emotions and experiences by documenting them into lyrics in her journals. She has allowed herself to understand her life and different circumstances and events that have happened to her through her lyricism.

Mason Ashley -

Do you have a secret?

Shellee Coley - The Work Of The People

Shellee has been pursuing music most of her life in one way or another. She attended college at Belmont University in Nashville and got her start as a writer there, but it wasn't until after having two children, that she really began to pursuing her career as an artist.

INTERVIEW: Texas singer/songwriter Shellee Coley discusses God, Grammys, and the dark imagery of her new single "Wait For It"

I recently caught up with Texas singer/songwriter Shellee Coley via e-mail to discuss God, Grammys, and the dark imagery of her new single "Wait For It." Sketch: The last time I interviewed you for my blog you had just released the Songs without Bridges EP and now you have the "Wait for It" single. : Wait For It ~ Shellee Coley ~ Music Video and Free Download

Free Download Here "If music is the way your pray, take advantage of this free download of Shellee Coley's new song Wait for It, an anthem for those who find pew book hymns no longer feed our souls. Shellee's molten voice cocoons us in mystery while we wait for it, even when-especially when-we haven't a clue what "it" is.

Shellee Coley's "Bright Idea" Casts Light on New Semester

In this new semester, Franciscan Sisters spotlight Shellee Coley's Bright Idea. Like St.Francis, may you have a most radiant effect on any darkness found in our world. May an extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit be yours this month of September!

Conroe Singer-Songwriter Finds Mentoring More Significant than Fame

"Every now and then, one comes along. One of those singers that you remember the first time you heard them for the rest of your life. Ok, that's a dramatic statement. But those are the emotions that I am feeling right now upon hearing this jewel of a singer-songwriter named Shellee Coley."

Spotlight: Wait Is Over for Shellee Coley

One of the most unique musical releases of the year is "Where It Began," from Texas-born singer/songwriter Shellee Coley. Helping it to fit that definition is the fact that it is one of the most diverse records that you will hear -- containing slices of country, pop, folk, and Americana.

20 Something Song for Discerning Women: To the Water by Shellee Coley

Looking for music that encourages action in decision-making? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity's free July song is Shellee Coley's To the Water. Grateful for the blessing of hope, this lyrical prayer calls for sensitivity to the graces of refreshment and healing in our lives.


Shellee Coley Loves Singing Crappy Pop Songs With Her Kids

Adam P. Newton recently became a father for the first time, so he has decided to explain the entirety of post-WWII Western pop music to his new daughter, "Fig" genre at a time. Welcome back, Fig. Then again, you can't go that far on your own right now, since you're...

Singer/Songwriter Shellee Coley Is The Coolest Mom Ever

There's a depth and individuality to Shellee Coley's music. It's captivating, because her brand of honesty and genuine feeling are rare. That's because the Texas native isn't trying to fit herself into a pop star mold. She's a mom of two, who returned to music after a significant hiatus because she wanted to do it for herself.

SPACE CITY ROCK " Shellee Coley, Songs Without Bridges

"How much is enough?" That seems to be the question Conroe-dwelling singer/songwriter Shellee Coley's trying to answer with her latest album, Songs Without Bridges. I mean, you write a song on just a guitar or piano or what-have-you, and maybe you go into a studio and flesh it out with a full band, drums, bass, strings, harmony vocals, handclaps, etc., etc., until that little song's been transformed into something else.

Songwriter Series: Story Songs - Write of Your Life

"Even if just three other people get a little bit of healing from my songs, then I kinda owe it to myself to share them," says Shellee Coley a mother and singer-songwriter influences future artists in creating and molding music as a reflection of life and experiences.